Movie review

The Revenant

“When there is a storm, and you stand in front of a tree, if you look at it’s branches, you swear it will fall, But if you watch the trunk, you will see it’s stability.” This continuous reminder by Hugh Glass ( Leonardo di caprio) ‘s late wife in movie will give u an idea of how by ur own strength of mind, will power u can survive the odds.. The wind tries to defeat but the roots makes u stable and strong.

This movie is a revenge drama! A masterpiece by Alejandro G. Iñárritu . Their isn’t any iota of doubt about it. Epic defines it , the set, the costume , the script ..! Let me first flash some images in ur mind.. Of American wilderness, far off loactions (Calgary to Vancouver) , high altitude,hell grey snow, avalanche, nature going wild , betrayal, war, revenge , savage attack , gore,brutality ,crawling for safety, numbness, a kinda schizophrenic peace hah . No sugarcoated shit , the movie is a serious one.

The fight out of revenge against some Americans , French who robbed Leo and other native Americans off thier family . LIONardo was the lion in the fight for survival.. also revenge . Got attacked by a bear , poorly injured, seemingly dead..his face was grave..he was dragged to safety but not for long. His companions abandoned him , betrayed him and left as their own survival was their priority. He was interred in a open dig while he was alive. Lalala .. Unfortunate .The wickedness of humanity .With a bear skin on ,he struggled till the point he reached his own place. But then what? Get set back to the American wilderness again for the revenge of his son . The sight of his dead son made him maudlin. I remember whn he said that he will go and avenge Tom Hardy as John Fitzgerald ( his companion earlier, who killed his son-Hawk, manoeuvering other companions into betraying Leo to reach the end ) leaving the thought of risk to his own life to the backseat – Because i have nothing to lose. Oh thats when revenge becomes possible and then he says -“Revenge is in God’s hands not mine. “Biblical.A belief in divine judgement. The entire idea of revenge is encapsulated in this statement. Revenge is a feeling ;it leaves u empty when u commit it.
The shoot was tough cz of the location , the climate changes there,the light , bringing reality to our ears when u hear the breath of the bear ,almost tangible, the struggling voice -no-voice of Leo . The acting was obviously tough , wearing a hard bear skin, crawling, depicting emotions next to real, flowing with the river in cold and LEO did it fantastically, gloriously ;result of which is THE OSCAR

Unm message can be the branch connotation, the struggle goes on. 


The burning revenge becomes calm as God will take care of it, the realization will take u far from violence.
Note: this is my opinion 


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