Movie review after a long time..

Oakyyy ! So 2 movie reviews.. One that u all know and one that u dnt(not everyone) i am very very late to review these but anyways ! I have something Hatke to say .

Movie 1: Ek ruka hua faisla

2 hrs , 12 jury members with their own daily problems , 1 room, 1 set , 1 case , many interpretations . Amazingly thought, shot in a single room is an Outstanding remake of “twelve angry men” (a Sydney Lumet’s film ) .An investigative movie by Basu Chatterjee , 1986 . 

A muljim mujrim thing

Its a story about 12 jury members locked up in a room to decide on a murder case . Each one of them is in hurry to bind up the case as the case was very clear to them . But one person stands out and rethinks it . He is the only one who speaks in favour of the accused and slowly and steadily he turns the case topsy turvy . He influences ! No actually proves somehow , to everyone that the muljim is not mujrim and takes everyone on his side .. And rest is kept unsaid

So full of live , U will enter into the story , concentrate, start introspecting , judging , investigating . Hell involving, u wont get up untill the truth seemingly unfolds. 

On one hand it will take u to the serious side of the movie , accused ke liye uski zindagi ka sawaal hai afterall ! And On other u will laugh on the witty dialogues holding ur stomachs.

Few dialogues like Bharat chodo andolan tak agar baat phohoch jae to bata dena , 

2nd inning shuru etc will surely make u giggle , giggle and then laugh ! Haha ! U will understand it when actually u will watch the movie

U will jump onto the conclusion with every new point / evidence but again come back and sit onthe backseat , judging, thinking , rubbing ur head ! 

All the actors including Pankaj Kapoor, Anu Kapoor have done a great job .

The most interesting thing is that the movie is shot in one room , a very conventional type, not at all colorfull , no songs ! Just the story ! And trust me its so damn gripping .. ! U will love it .. Sorry for being one sided . But there is only one bad thing about the movie .. To be critical … Is that its a remake ! Ahh still .. It will give u a totally different experience and u will enjoy it 😊 wont be able to resist. 

2 nd movie : Neerja

Your life should be big not long ! She says ! Neerja is the best example to prove what she said . Saiwyn Quadras 

wrote a great script but Neerja spoke a lot more than the script . A girl who 

Intelligently tackled the passengers in a “out of hands” situation is a real life hero. Its a Story of 23 yr old beautiful air hostess Neerja Bhanot.

Powerful and inspirational story but is tragic as In 1986 she lost her life helping the passengers escape from a hijacked Pan Am flight. The story is already known though .I wont speak much abt Shabana Azmi’s acting … It was amazing as always. Wohooo … Musician Shekhar tried his acting skills in the movie .. Did a Good job . He is relaly cute ! 

Caught up but still free to take her own decisions , a selfless woman -Neerja .

Ram Maghvani did justice to her character. She was brave enough ,didnot turned helpless and performed her duty excellently .Fear n tension in the story will engross u completely.Some scenes will move u to tears. Sonam did justice to Neerja as she stepped into her shoes. 

No showshaa nothing ! A serious and a moving movie. Ending it with pushpa i hate tears will indeed give u a proud feeling and the tears in ur eyes will symbolise the applaud for her brave act. I am happy that such true stories are slowly being acknowledged in the bollywood industry . A salute to neerja !!

And if u have not watched it ! Really ? / okay ! So dont wait . Just go watch it . It will really imprint a good memory in ur mind!


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