Movie review -Airlift 

I had the enormous pleasure and privilege to watch Airlift. Its reaaaall and not reel ! A documentary-drama based on what happened in August 1990 in Kuwait. I thank Raja Krishna Menon for bringing this infront of us and honouing the efforts of Ranjit Katiyal ,Sanjiv Kohli and Air india (488 saviour flights) .

During the gulf war 1.7 lakh Indians were stucked in Kuwait when the Iraqian army( on orders of Saddam Hussein . Reason: Kuwaitis denied to reduce oil supply ) invaded the region .Menon took us back to that time. Although the chances were that they will die but Cudos they were rescued. It is the biggest civilian evacuation in history .

To acknowledge eveyone who was involved to rescue those Indians was of Paramount importance. Instead of succumbing to the situation they fought with hope. All the rescuers are heroes. True heroes. Akshay Kumar was best suited for this role. The metamorphosis of a man (Ranjit ) from a bad Indian to a self-sacrificing man pulls us in the story and should pull us in real life actually.

The events have already occurred and it was not fiction at all but at its heart it was an engaging story. Few scenes will pull you to the edge. Expect tears when the men finally reach freedom.Goosebumps when Indian tricolour is hoisted over the Jordon airport.Even i had that adrenaline rush inside me when they were to cross the border checkpoint .

There was no shock factor because the events of the story were known .But wait ! Not everybody knew it ! Thats the point. What is our film industry doing or what are the people in power doing ? Why dont they recognise the valour of people who fought for our country? Why are they not remembered for long ? Why is the film industry not fair to the real life heroes? Raja Menon has set a benchmark (&few other directors also ) to bring such a event forward. Truly phenomenal. The movie is away from Bling and decorated cinema.

So now you.Yes you ! Dont be a hermit crab . Go and watch this movie . U will yourself call it worth. 😍👍


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